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MAXXFORCE The most crucial piece of Detroit Diesel company information you need is this: Our people know diesel engines inside and out. Our expert engineers and trucking professionals constantly look for new and better ways to design, build and support our engines.

Detroit Diesel is proud to announce the newest release of Diagnostic Link 7.x and Diagnostic Link 6.45 software. Both versions are being released on one CD and will be available for purchase from NEXIQ Technologies™. See ordering information on the last page of this letter.

DDDL 7.x Enhancements:

  • Diagnostic Support for 2010 Engines
  • DDDL Connectivity enables Diagnostic Link users to update their software by connecting directly to the Detroit Diesel server. (An Internet connection is required.)
  • Help file enhancement for direct access to specific topics available through the new question mark icon
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Types are easily identified with the following designations:
    Traditional and Advanced
    • Request Driving Regeneration service routine added to aid the technician in the diagnosis of vehicles which can routinely pass a stationary regeneration, but not an over-the-road regeneration
    • Engine Serial Number and Vehicle Identification Numbers are written to Parameter and Fault Code files
    • New Compare Parameters feature allows you to compare parameter settings from various sources
    • Injector Code dialog panel enhanced for both Series 60® and MBE Engines
    • Compression Test moved into the Actions dropdown menu
    • Scroll function added to the tool bar to allow easy movement through log files
    • Log file management optimized with viewing and email capabilities
    • Parameter management feature added to allow the technician to confirm changed parameters before sending them to a vehicle
    • Ability to change the screen color to assist in bright light conditions
  • Windows XP SP3 support to enhance loading process
  • Open Log File Dialog enhancements for viewing columns
  • Enable printing from the "Send Parameters Confirmation" dialog
  • User data chart selection
  • Add ATD Test Pipe to actions dropdown
  • ATD Max sensor value reset
  • Automatic Cylinder Cutout for EPA 07 Series 60 engines
  • Service Codes added for HC Doser Purge Routine
  • Service Codes added for EPA 07 Turbocharger Hysteresis Test (Series 60 only)

DDDL 6.45 Enhancements:

  • Turbo Actuator Adjustment Routine for Series 60 EPA 04 engines


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