International MRD Electronic Engines

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International MRD electronic engines has been obsoleted.
Recommend replacement is the Pro-Link iQ™ International® Engines



Cartridge for the Pro-Link® Plus and the PRO-LINK GRAPHIQ™

This cartridge is for use with the Pro-Link® scan tool for diagnosing International Trucks with DT 444 or DT466 electronic engine systems with a separate IDU and VPM. Simple menus allow technicians to easily navigate through a variety of diagnostic functions. It provides access to a full range of comprehensive OEM proprietary data and tests for maintaining top vehicle performance and keeping it on the road.


  • Access engine and trip data
  • Display data parameters and values in English or metric
  • Create custom data lists
  • Read and clear diagnostic fault codes
  • Perform ECU system self test diagnostics with
    engine off / engine running
  • Download and upload ECU calibrations with International via modem
  • Program vehicle/customer data and password protected parameters
  • Speed setting limits for road, cruise and PTO
  • Idle shutdown options
  • Engine protection shutdown options
    and many more
  • View vehicle data for trip hours, miles and fuel used
  • Isolate intermittent problems with Snapshot mode recording
    and playback
  • Printer output for printing data and test results


  • Cartridge
  • Manual




International DT444 and DT466 featuring a separate Injector Drive
Unit (IDU) and Vehicle Personality Module (VPM)




  • Active codes
  • Standard test –actuates relays and tests continuity
  • Injector test – fire each injector in order
  • Output state test – set outputs to a high or low state
  • VSS test – tests vehicle speed sensor
  • Tach buffer test – tachometer self test
  • Wiggle Test – audible test for isolating intermittent connections


  • Accelerator
  • Active/inactive codes
  • Ambient air
  • Barometric PSI
  • Battery volts
  • Boost PSI
  • Coolant level and temperature
  • Cruise control information
  • ECM version and checksum
  • Engine hours
  • Engine load
  • Engine oil PSI
  • Engine oil temperature
  • Engine RPM
  • Fuel gallons/ hour
  • Fuel usage
  • Idle set RPM
  • Injector control
  • Miles
  • MPH limit
  • PTO information
  • Rated horsepower
  • Rated RPM
  • Remote APS
  • Remote variable PTO
  • Retarder inhibit
  • Torque limit
  • Transmission shaft RPM
  • Two speed axle
  • Vehicle speed MPH
  • VPM information


  • Configuration options
  • Cruise control
  • Engine warning shutdown
  • Event engine hours
  • Exhaust back pressure
  • Fuel, hours, miles
  • Glow plug
  • Idle shutdown
  • Overtemp protection
  • Passwords and audits
  • PTO control
  • Retarder mode
  • Road speed limiting
  • Speed calibration
  • Start inhibit mode
  • Torque tailoring
  • VIN and engine serial number
  • VPM revision data





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