International MRD Electronic Engines (Obsolete)

SKU: 204032

This product is now obsolete.

Products which have been discontinued for more than seven years are considered obsolete and no service of any kind is offered, nor parts obtainable from NEXIQ.

Recommend replacement is PN 880010


Cartridge for the Pro-Link® Plus and the PRO-LINK GRAPHIQ™

This cartridge is for use with the Pro-Link® scan tool for diagnosing International Trucks with DT 444 or DT466 electronic engine systems with a separate IDU and VPM. Simple menus allow technicians to easily navigate through a variety of diagnostic functions. It provides access to a full range of comprehensive OEM proprietary data and tests for maintaining top vehicle performance and keeping it on the road.


  • Access engine and trip data
  • Display data parameters and values in English or metric
  • Create custom data lists
  • Read and clear diagnostic fault codes
  • Perform ECU system self test diagnostics with
    engine off / engine running
  • Download and upload ECU calibrations with International via modem
  • Program vehicle/customer data and password protected parameters
  • Speed setting limits for road, cruise and PTO
  • Idle shutdown options
  • Engine protection shutdown options
    and many more
  • View vehicle data for trip hours, miles and fuel used
  • Isolate intermittent problems with Snapshot mode recording
    and playback
  • Printer output for printing data and test results


  • Cartridge
  • Manual




International DT444 and DT466 featuring a separate Injector Drive
Unit (IDU) and Vehicle Personality Module (VPM)




  • Active codes
  • Standard test –actuates relays and tests continuity
  • Injector test – fire each injector in order
  • Output state test – set outputs to a high or low state
  • VSS test – tests vehicle speed sensor
  • Tach buffer test – tachometer self test
  • Wiggle Test – audible test for isolating intermittent connections


  • Accelerator
  • Active/inactive codes
  • Ambient air
  • Barometric PSI
  • Battery volts
  • Boost PSI
  • Coolant level and temperature
  • Cruise control information
  • ECM version and checksum
  • Engine hours
  • Engine load
  • Engine oil PSI
  • Engine oil temperature
  • Engine RPM
  • Fuel gallons/ hour
  • Fuel usage
  • Idle set RPM
  • Injector control
  • Miles
  • MPH limit
  • PTO information
  • Rated horsepower
  • Rated RPM
  • Remote APS
  • Remote variable PTO
  • Retarder inhibit
  • Torque limit
  • Transmission shaft RPM
  • Two speed axle
  • Vehicle speed MPH
  • VPM information


  • Configuration options
  • Cruise control
  • Engine warning shutdown
  • Event engine hours
  • Exhaust back pressure
  • Fuel, hours, miles
  • Glow plug
  • Idle shutdown
  • Overtemp protection
  • Passwords and audits
  • PTO control
  • Retarder mode
  • Road speed limiting
  • Speed calibration
  • Start inhibit mode
  • Torque tailoring
  • VIN and engine serial number
  • VPM revision data





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