Pocket iQ™ Navistar Suite
Pocket Navistar Suite
Pocket iQ™ Navistar Suite

The Pocket iQ™ user interface has been redesigned, providing even easier, more intuitive access to basic diagnostic information. This tool makes gathering and reviewing basic vehicle information an easy task. With a non-existent learning curve, technicians now have the ability to quickly provide solutions to common vehicle maintenance and repair tasks.

In addition to the improvements to screens and navigation, a "lite" version of the Navistar® Suite of applications has been added to the library of Pocket iQ™ software.

Suite Includes
International Engines (1, 2, 3 Box)
Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
Read active fault codes
Read and clear inactive fault codes
View trip data
View engine data
Diagnostic Tests
KOER Standard Test
Onboard Filter Cleanliness
Display and Change Configurable Parameters
Max vehicle speed limit
Min/Max cruise speed limit
Idel shutdown timer