Pro-Link iQ™ Trailer ABS Suite
Trailer ABS Suite (iQ)
Pro-Link iQ™ Trailer ABS Suite
The Pro-Link iQ™ ABS product family provides brake coverage for a wide range of applications, making the Pro-Link iQ™ the industry scan tool of choice for heavy-duty brake diagnostics.
Trailer ABS Suite Includes
Wabash National MBS-1P and MBS-2
Eaton GEN4 and GEN5
Haldex PLC, PLC Plus, and PLC Select
Basic Functions
Read Active Fault Codes
Clear Inactive Fault Codes
View Brake Data
Testing of trailer ABS system with PLC communications
Auto detects the OEM’s ECU system configuration
View and clear current and historic faults
Actuate modulators and valves
Cycling of the brake retarder relays
Testing of battery voltage
Wheel sensor testing and traction disabling
Retrieve ECU information
Testing of the trailer’s ABS Test Warning Lamp
Read trailer odometer/trip distance