Pro-Link iQ™ Detroit Diesel Suite (II, III, IV, and V)
DDEC Suite
Pro-Link iQ™ Detroit Diesel Suite (II, III, IV, and V)
The Pro-Link iQ™ DDEC Suite now provides reprogramming and diagnostic capability for DDEC Engines II, III, IV, and V. New features include enhanced fault code information, multiple-engine support for DDEC III, IV, and V, and the addition of diagnostic support for DDEC II.
Basic Functions
Read DDEC Proprietary Active and Inactive Fault Codes
Clear Inactive Fault Codes
Display Associated Parameters with Active Fault Codes
Engine Configuration
Engine Speed
ECM Date
ECM Time
Engine Model #
6N4M #
6N4D #
6N4C #
Engine Serial Number
ECM Serial Number
Software Level
EPA Certification #
Engine Series
Shared Version
Rating Version
Rated Engine Horsepower
Rated Engine Speed
Low Speed Governor RPM
Peak Torque
RPM at Peak Torque
Idle Speed RPM
Transmission Type
Data Pages
J1922 ABS Communications
J1922 Transmission Communications
J1939 Communications
Water Pressure Governor
Air Pressure Governor
A/C Fan Timer
Low Gear Torque Limit
Low Gear Torque Limit Threshold
Low Gear Torque Limit Set Speed
Data Display
Cylinder Exhaust Temperatures
Engine Speed
Engine Smoke Control
Boost Pressure
Engine Load Percent
Beginning of Injection
Oil Temperature
Fuel Temperature
Air Inlet Temperature
Turbo Compressor Outlet Temperature
EGR Temperature A
EGR Differential Pressure A
EGR Temperature B
EGR Differential Pressure B
EGR DPS Counts
EGR Mass Flow Rate
Barometric Pressure
Turbo Speed
Accelerator Pedal Position
Battery Voltage
Active Governor
Torque Reduction Percentage
Vehicle Speed
PWM 1 (% Grounded)
PWM 2 (% Grounded)
PWM 3 (% Grounded)
PWM 4 (% Grounded)