Pro-Link iQ™ Light and Medium Truck (LMT)
Pro-Link iQ™ Light and Medium Truck (LMT)
The LMT software application has the ability to display and clear diagnostic fault codes, view data lists, and run special tests for light to medium trucks. It’s a tool that covers all the bases from Ford, GM and Isuzu to OBD II.

Note: Tests may not be available for all makes and models.
OBD-II generic support for foreign and domestic vehicles that meet OBDII standards
Enhanced coverage for engine, transmission and ABS systems
Medium Duty ISUZU engine diagnostic support
Basic Functions
Display and clear diagnostic trouble codes
View data lists
Clear emission-related diagnostic data
Support: GM Engines
5.2L Duramax (2004-2009)
6.6L Duramax (2001-2012)
7.8L Duramax (2004-2009)
6.0L (2011-2012)
4.8L (2011-2012)
4.3L (2000)
5.7L (2000)
8.1L (2001-2009)
7.4L (1990-2000)
Support: Ford Engines
6.0L PowerStroke® (2003-2009)
6.4L PowerStroke® (2008-2010)
7.3L PowerStroke® (2000-2003)
6.7L PowerStroke® (2011-2012)*
5.0L (2011-2012)*
3.7L (2011-2012)*
3.5L (2011-2012)*
6.2L (2010-2012)
6.8L (2000-2012)
5.4L (2000-2012)
4.6L (2000-2012)*
4.2L (2000-2012)*
*Tests not available for these Ford models.
Support: ISUZU Engines
5.2L (2005-2010)
Support: GM Brakes and Transmissions (2001-2012)
C1500 – C7500
K1500 – K3500
T4500 – T7500
P Chassis
W4 Chassis
Support: Ford Brakes and Transmissions (2000-2010)
E250 – E450
F250 – F750
Support: ISUZU Brakes and Transmissions (2005-2010)
Diagnostic Tests
KOEO (Ford only)
KOER (Ford only)
Injector Cutout
DPF Tests
ABS Tests
Additional GM System Features
Device Control Functions for Engine
Device Control Functions for Transmissions
Other Functions
Additional Ford System Features
Key On Engine Off Tests
Key On Engine Running Tests
Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) Trouble Codes
Generic OBD II System Functions
A/C Refrigerant System
Calculated Engine Load %
Continuous Monitors
Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s)
Displays Federally mandated generic OBD II information
DTCs that cause Freeze Frame
EGR System
Engine Coolant Temperature Degrees F or C
Engine RPM
Evaporative Purge
Freeze Frame data
Fuel Pressure (gauge)
Fuel System Status Banks
Fuel System
Generic Codes
Heated Catalyst
Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Degree F or C
Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) kPa or Hg
Long Term Fuel Trim Banks
Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) Status
Mass Airflow Rate (MAF)
Non-Continuous Monitors (Once per trip)
Number of DTC’s
O2 Sensor Heater
O2 Sensor
Oxygen Sensor Banks--all sensors
Oxygen sensor test results
Pending codes
Proprietary codes
Readiness status monitors
Secondary Air Status
Secondary Air System
Short Term Fuel Trim Banks
Short Term Fuel Trim Oxygen Sensors Banks (all sensors)
Spark Advance Degree’s Cylinder #1
Throttle Position %
Vehicle Speed MPH/KPH