Pro-Link iQ™ Meritor WABCO Suite (Air and Hydraulic)
Meritor WABCO Suite
Pro-Link iQ™ Meritor WABCO Suite (Air and Hydraulic)
The Pro-Link iQ™ Meritor WABCO Suite provides diagnostic and testing capability for Meritor® WABCO® electronic brake systems.

Basic Functions
Read Active Fault Codes
Clear Inactive Fault Codes
View Brake Data
Diagnostic Tests: Air Brake (Tractor)
ABS Lamp
ATC Lamp
Left Front ABS Valve
Right Front ABS Valve
Left 2nd ABS Valve
Right 2nd ABS Valve
Left 3rd ABS Valve
Right 3rd ABS Valve
ATC Valve
ATC Enable/Disable
Retarder Relay Test
Datalink Retarder
Datalink Engine
Diagnostic Tests: Air Brake (Trailer)
Warning Lamp Test
Modulator Valve YE Test
Modulator Valve BU Test
Diagnostic Tests: Hydraulic
Actuate Valves
Parking Brake Test
Clear Counters
ATC Enable – Disable
Activate Retarder Relay
Actuate Outputs
Actuate Lamps
*Some tests may not be available on all controllers.
Display and Change Configurable Parameters
Service Miles