Pro-Link iQ™ Detroit Diesel MBE
Detroit Diesel MBE
Pro-Link iQ™ Detroit Diesel MBE
The Pro-Link iQ™ Detroit Diesel MBE application provides reprogramming and diagnostic capability on Pre-EPA07’ Detroit Diesel MBE 900 and 4000 electronic systems.
Basic Functions
Read MBE Proprietary Active and Inactive Fault Codes
Clear Inactive Fault Codes
Display Associated Parameters with Active Fault Codes
Diagnostic Tests
Sensor Voltage Test
Cylinder Cutout Test
Compression Test
Engine Configuration
Injector Codes
Idle/PTO Shutdown
Engine Protection
Engine Brake
Cruise Control
Fast Idle
Starter Lockout
RQV (torque limit)
Fan Configuration
PTO Function
Accelerator Pedal
Input Configuration
Fleet Management
Data Display
Cylinder Exhaust Temperatures
Engine Speed
Engine Smoke Control
Boost Pressure
Engine Load Percent
Beginning of Injection
Oil Temperature
Fuel Temperature
Air Inlet Temperature
Turbo Compressor Outlet Temperature
Barometric Pressure
Turbo Speed
Accelerator Pedal Position
Battery Voltage
Active Governor
Torque Reduction Percentage
Vehicle Speed