eTechnician™ Secure Gateway Implementation
In 2018, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA US) implemented the Secure Gateway Module (SGW). The purpose of this on-board security feature was to secure the numerous on-board control modules behind a "firewall" to prevent security breaches. Only FCA US approved diagnostic scan tools and software applications that have been certified by FCA and adhere to their compliance protocols are authorized to access the Secure Gateway Module.
NEXIQ Technologies coordinated with FCA US to enable technicians to use eTechnician™ (a PC-based diagnostic software application) to perform diagnostic procedures on FCA US models 2018 and newer (e.g., RAM® vehicles).
eTechnician™ software version 2.5 or greater is required for SGW access.
Process Overview

Before starting this process, check to ensure that you are online and have a stable network connection to avoid connectivity issues and delays.
To set up eTechnician™ for use with a Secure Vehicle Gateway, you’ll need the following:
•  An eTechnician™ Secure Gateway Serial Number (which you enter in Step 9, below).
Secure Gateway Screen
Note: Your eTechnician™ Secure Gateway Serial Number is displayed on the Secure Gateway screen within the Settings menu.
•  An authorized OEM Secure Access Account, e.g., AutoAuth® (see Creating an OEM Secure Access Account).
•  A Mitchell1® Profile Manager Account (see Creating a Mitchell1 Profile Manager Account).
Creating an OEM Secure Access Account (AutoAuth®)

AutoAuth FAQs are available here.
To create an OEM Secure Access Account:
2)  Click Register.
AutoAuth Register
3)  Enter your details, create an account, and make a note of your Username and Password. You’ll need this information later (see Step 6, below).
4)  Check the Terms and Conditions box and select Signup.
5)  Login to your new account and complete your registration.
There are two account types to choose from:
•  Service Center Signup
There is a $50 annual fee for each Service Center Account. Six users are allowed
access on the account. There is a $2 annual fee for adding additional users.
•  Independent Technician Signup
Use this option to register your individual user account. Once completed, inform your
shop owner of your Username and eTechnician™ Secure Gateway Serial Number
so they can add you to the shop account.
6)  Select Manage Tools to add your tool.
7)  Select the Manufacturer (e.g., NEXIQ Technologies).
AutoAuth Select Mfg
8)  Select the Tool Model (e.g., All Models).
AutoAuth Add Tool
9)  Enter your eTechnician™ serial number.
AutoAuth Add Tool
10)  Select Add Tool.
Your software (i.e., eTechnician™ serial number) appears in the list of Current Tools for your account.
AutoAuth Add Tool
11)  Move on to Creating a Mitchell1 Profile Manager Account, next in this document.
Creating a Mitchell1 Profile Manager Account

To create a Mitchell1 Profile Manager Account:
2)  Select Create a new Individual Account.
3)  Login to your new account.
4)  Select the Secure Vehicle Gateway tab.
5)  Select Add Secure Credentials.
6)  Enter your AutoAuth OEM Account Username and Password.
7)  Select Save.
8)  Navigate to the eTechnican™ Secure Gateway screen.
Secure Gateway Screen
9)  Enter your Micthell1 Profile Manager credentials (i.e., Login and Password).
eTechnician™ is now linked to your OEM Account, enabling you automatic access to vehicles with a Secure Gateway Module (SGW).